With over 1.2 billion people, a rapidly expanding middle class, and a highly skilled labor force, India is a huge opportunity for global expansion. India is a complex market with multiple legal and administrative systems, a government structure with central and state budgets, and rich regional diversity.

One of the major challenges to expanding and managing payroll in India is the frequent change to both central and state regulations and business procedures. Since each state has different requirements, payroll can be complex and impossible to navigate. Each region has it’s own unique challenges and languages, and having a local partner is vital to success.

To navigate payroll in India, you need a partner who can manage the local regulations companies have to comply with, as well as the frequent revisions to these regulations that can cause heavy fines and additional charges. Blue Marble is a leader providing global payroll solutions for companies that operate internationally.

Companies can mitigate risks with robust international payroll services, but it’s important to identify the right international payroll services provider. Payroll requirements are rapidly changing in India, so it’s critical to leverage proven international payroll services that integrate with your organization’s existing payroll system. Blue Marble Payroll equips companies that operate in India with unparalleled international payroll services. At Blue Marble, we give your business the technology and local payroll knowledge you need to effectively reduce compliance risks and operate more effectively.

Our revolutionary cloud-based payroll management software enables your business to stay current with payroll-related regulations in India. Blue Marble Payroll solutions simplify payroll and HR reporting, while ensuring compliance with India’s constantly changing payroll requirements. Blue Marble Payroll provides a unique combination of local, in-country knowledge and user-friendly payroll management software that is vital to your success in India.