Globalization drives business growth. But expanding and managing payroll in Brazil isn’t as easy as it sounds. Doing business in there can be challenging, as it is a developing nation with lagging infrastructure and technology, and a slow and cumbersome legal system. Language is an important part of the national identity and culture, and they are the only country in the Americas with Portuguese as the official language.

From startups to growing enterprises, companies managing payroll in Brazil require sophisticated payroll management software and global payroll solutions. With the right payroll management software, it’s possible to streamline processes and ensure total payroll compliance. Blue Marble Payroll delivers global payroll solutions you can count on to grow your business in Brazil and other international locations.

To expand or continue to grow your business, you need a partner who can manage the language barrier, legal structure, and constantly changing tax regulations. Blue Marble is a leader providing global payroll solutions for companies looking to grow or already operating in Brazil.